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Real Estate Career Simulator

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Real Estate Career Simulator Assessments

Discover your personality type and take the Personality Assessment.  How will your personality fit with a real estate career!

A real estate career demands a strength in customer service & interacting with various personalities.  The Sales Skills Assessment will take you through a Day in the Life of a REALTOR®.

KNOWLEDGE Assessment
How well do you know the real estate trends in your area? Take the Knowledge Assessment and gain some insight on how ready you are!

The Real Estate Career Simulator is a world-class Internet based tool that uses simulation technology to recreate the real-life challenges that real estate agents encounter on a daily basis. This is a unique opportunity to test drive a career before you ever have to order your books from UBC. If you have already signed up to take the Real Estate Simulator, please check your email account for detailed instructions on how to sign in and take the assessment.

Not a job, a rewarding career!

The Simulation uses a variety of real estate job situations to measure your skills and abilities; identify your strengths and weaknesses; and offer suggestions for those areas in need of development to increase your probability of attaining success in a real estate career through:

  • Playing the role of a Real Estate REALTOR®
  • Interacting with virtual clients interested in buying or selling property
  • And seeing how you measure up to the top performers in the industry

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