Your Real estate career Meeting

Are you thinking of becoming a REALTORĀ® on Vancouver Island?

We have made a free video course to help determine whether you are ready to start a real estate business!

So, How Do You Know Whether Real Estate is Right for You?

We've guided hundreds of people over the years considering a career in real estate who were trying to figure out this very question. And many of them have launched successful real estate businesses on Vancouver Island - which we're very proud of! But there's one more thing we're proud of in these discussions: helping people determine that real estate isn't right for them before they've invested thousands of dollars and hours into their new business endeavour that ultimately fails.

What is Covered?


The mindset you need to launch your real estate career successfully

Avoid Failure

The five attributes that help realtors beat the industry's 85% failure rate

Get Licensed

What is the path to obtaining a real estate license look like (In BC)

The Interview

How to interview with brokerages to find the right fit for you

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For Central and North Vancouver Island please contact Graeme Parker at